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Franklin’s: The Mount Everest of Barbeque

Franklin’s has become synonymous with Austin over the years, especially after the Chase Sapphire commercial it was featured in. Don’t get me wrong, there are many fine meat chapels in Austin but there is only one that has reached cult status, and it is Franklin’s. People are standing in line at 6:30 in the morning for some cooked meat. There has to be something cultish about it. After a failed attempt earlier this year, we weren’t going to lose the second time around and we were in line at 7:30am with about 50 people already ahead of us. I ran into the gentleman who was second in line and he told me he was there at 6:30am. Dedication, or a whole lot of crazy?

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Salt Lick: The Driftwood Dream

Working my way through my Austin to-do bucket list, I was able to cross off a visit to the popular Salt Lick located just a little south of Austin in Driftwood, TX. The drive there was interesting as we escaped into more wide open spaces, a Wizard Academy and a Hindu temple. Yes, you read the last two items right. In a little less than an hour from my house, we were finally in a beautiful compound, chock full of cars. We knew we were in the right place! It was a bustling Friday night and our estimated wait was going to be about an hour. This wasn’t a problem and we began patrolling the grounds. 

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While I wait for the police report regarding my car accident to surface, I’m left with a huge first world problem: I’m without wheels!

How am I supposed to go to work?

How am I supposed to go the grocery store?

How am I supposed to function???


A week or so ago, I walked into the apartment office and a friend asked me why I wasn’t riding my bike to work. I looked at him like:

I’m not lying when I say my mountain bike was nothing more than a living room ornament. I was really happy to remove it from my living room and actually ride it. The tires needed a little bit of air, but for the most part it got me from my house to my office. Success! I missed riding my bike and the added physical activity is really nice. I’ll need some wheels soon but for now biking to work has been wonderful!

PS - Send some good vibes my way that this gets sorted out quick! I don’t know if I can bike from N Austin to downtown! :/

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